Thor ECC Chat is End-to-end Encrypted Messaging to keep your business safe for third parties

thor chat logo blauw 200pxECC encrypted private business messaging with ultimate security options. For complete privacy. Thor Chat is our ultimate Instant messaging privacy solution designed for all your need. A truly Ephemeral ECC Post-Quantum key IM privacy system for rapid conversations.

Thor Ephemeral key system auto-regenerates your ECC private key on the go.
Thor Chat protects sensitive business data and privacy with ultra-grade encryption. We do not only keep your messaging safe but also your device.

We offer impenetrable mobile messaging solutions with:

  • BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus.
  • Truly Ephemeral ECC Post-Quantum Keys system.

Thor Lock is build in. If thiefs try to enter your data it wil wipe your private data

Extra secure Thor Secure Lock to destroy your business data if any suspicious activity is logged.

Thor protect sensitive and confidential information with our network

THOR encrypts the business content so only the sender and intended receiver can read it.

  • Thor End-to-end encryption (E2EE) prevents potential eavesdroppers – including Telecom providers, Internet providers, and even the provider of the business communication service including us.
  • Thor doesn’t let your Message(s) leave device unencrypted.
  • Thor Servers don’t accept unencrypted Message(s).