Thor fully Encrypted Vault, Backup and Pictures for safe storage of your data

thor dashboard logo rood 200pxEncrypted Storage in the Thor Vault for all your Archive notes, images, and saved chats on your own phone. Thor Vault is a secure storage application designed to ensure that sensitive business data remains protected and private.
The encryption key for this business data encryption is generated on the device, no chance of going out of device. Fully restricted secure sandboxed container makes contents accessible to you and only you.

Make images with your Thor smartphone or tablet and encrypt them in your Thor Vault

Take a snap / picture / image with your by Thor protected Samsung smartphone or tablet and secure it in the Thor Vault with full encryption. If you want you can take it out the Vault and share it with others. All stored at one place.


Thor Cloud Backup

Make an Encrypted Thor cloud backup of your contacts. Encrypted with a Thor encryption key and password combination of your choice.
If you want you can create an backup on our server of your Thor E-mail Contacts. This let you restore those Thor E-mail Contacts to a new or wiped smartphone or tablet is it was stolen or lost.
The backup gets encrypted with an certificate generated on your phone and exist only on your phone. Please don’t forget your backup ID and backup password because we cannot help you to restore.


Our Thor ECC PGP platform protects devices by ensuring full control of the information in the event if a device is lost or stolen.

  • It has Tamper-Resistant Hardware.
  • We only use devices that have security built-in to protect users from data breaches and withstand any hacking or tampering attempts.
  • Possible to wipe the device remotely.
  • Our servers act as Relay server's.
  • We not store any information on or servers.
  • All data is encrypted what passing or rely our servers.
  • Private keys are created and remains on device's.